Medical Boarding for Pets

Our compassionate and dedicated veterinary team at Park Animal Hospital provides overnight monitoring and boarding services for dogs and cats in the Simi Valley area.

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Safe & Reliable Care

We know it can be challenging to have to leave your pet, especially when they are recovering from a serious illness or surgical procedure. 

At Park Animal Hospital, we do our best to offer you as much peace of mind as possible. We provide comprehensive medical boarding services for both dogs and cats who need specialized care or medication.

You can rely on our knowledgeable and experienced veterinary team to give your pet a comfortable and safe home away from home while they recover and relax. 

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Medical Boarding for Cats & Dogs, Simi Valley Vet

Boarding: A Typical Day

Medical Boarding for Dogs

Dogs are able to spend the majority of their time in private, climate controlled kennels with clean and soft bedding.

Medication will be administered according to your stated specifications, to ensure their routine is as similar as possible to their time at home.

During their stay with us, each of our patients are monitored for changes in medical conditions as well as for signs of anxiety, fear or stress. Our vets will be sure to address any of these concerns.

Dogs will also get short walks courtesy of our staff, to enjoy fresh air and an opportunity to go to the bathroom.

Medical Boarding for Cats

We will take careful note of any requirements of specifications your feline companion may have in a discussion with you. Our goal is to give your cat as seamless a transition as possible from their routine at home to their time with us.

During your cat's time with us, we will feed and administer medication as specified by you, so that their routine closely mimics their time at home.

Our staff interact with all of our feline boarders daily: playing, snuggling and providing enrichment activities. We will also check, clean and then disinfect litter boxes throughout the day.

FAQs About Medical Boarding for Pets

At Park Animal Hospital, we are animal lovers! Our veterinary team loves providing boarding services to recovering pets, making sure to give them all of the attention and love that they need and deserve while they are staying with us.

Read our FAQ for answers to common questions get about medical boarding for cats and dogs at our hospital.

If you have any further questions about medical boarding in the Simi Valley area, please contact us!

  • What accommodations and amenities do you have?

    We offer all the services your pet might need for a recuperative, safe, and enjoyable stay at our hospital, including the following amenities and services:

    • 24/7 monitoring
    • Separate boarding area for cats
    • Special diet accommodations
    • Climate-controlled kennels
    • Comfy, cozy beds for each guest
    • Individual space for each pet
    • Privacy/hideaway spaces
    • Clean towels, blankets, and bowls

    Privacy hideaways or curtains give dogs the solitude they need as they recover, and they'll enjoy the accompanying music and enrichment.

    Our cat boarding area is kept separate from the dogs'. As well, each of our feline boarders has access to blankets and padding and blankets to relax on, privacy curtains, calming music and separate litter box and sleeping areas.

  • Is my pet supervised during their stay?

    Do not fret, your pet will be supervised by our professional team of veterinarians and support staff. During your pet's stay with us, they will consult with you on your pet's schedule, administer any required medicine and monitor them closely.

    If necessary, we will contact you regarding any concerning changes in medical condition.

  • How much does medical pet boarding cost?

    Fees for medical boarding of dogs and cats vary by duration of stay, special medical requirements, and your pet's size. However, our pricing is both competitive and affordable. Please feel free to contact us if you would like a quote.

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  • When should I drop off and pick up my pet?

    Pets should be dropped off and picked up during regular business hours (between 8 am to 5 pm on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday, and 8 am to noon on Wednesday and Saturday). We recommend reserving a spot in advance.

    If you want the best chance for a spot, we advise that you contact us 2-3 weeks before the desired start-date to ensure a spot will be available.

    Please prepare to spend at least 10 minutes at our animal hospital during drop off as you will need to complete a boarding consent form for your pet's boarding session.

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  • What should I pack for my pet?

    Food: We provide all pets staying with us with food. However, do not hesitate to bring enough of your pet's regular food to last the duration of their stay.

    Medication: Please bring all medications in their original vials, clearly labeled with your pet's name, dosage and instructions included.

    Please do NOT bring these items - we will provide sanitized: toys, bedding, blankets and food bowls.

  • What is the process for administering medication?

    During your pet's stay with us, a qualified member of our veterinary team will administer any medications your pet requires based on the dosage and schedule you specify during check in.

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  • Can I get updates about my pet during their stay?

    Yes, do not hesitate to contact us during your pet's stay for any updates. Rest assured, though, that if there is any problem, we will contact you promptly for information or updates about your pet's condition.

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  • How should I prepare for my pet's stay?

    Every animal is special. To prepare for your pet's potential stay with us, we will take the following measures to make sure that we can provide for their unique needs.

    Step 1: Contact us to get started

    Call us to book a spot and go over any important details about our services and your pet's needs. A member of out team will be happy to organize the booking with you.

    Please note that pets must be up to date with all vaccinations and parasite prevention medications. They must be free of fleas, ticks and parasites to stay at our facility. They also require a negative fecal test within the past 12 months.

    Due to the nature of our accommodations, we also do not accept unaltered dogs. If you have any questions regarding these policies, please contact the office directly..

    Step 2: Set your pet up for success

    When you drop off your pet with our team, there are a few things you can do beforehand to help ease the transition for your furry companion.

    Make sure you are able to spend some extra time with your companion before dropping them off and give them some vigorous exercise to make sure they are calmer when they arrive. When you bring your pet into our hospital, stay calm, upbeat and confident before and during the separation.

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